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I recently replaced our pressure switch for our well. As of today, the well is cycling about every 10 minutes. I shut the water off, drained the system, and then checked the PSI in the pressure tank. The PSI was roughly 35. I then turned the pump back on, and it instantly jumps over to 50 PSI. (This is the reading from the air inlet on the top of the bladder tank). Pump cycles and shuts off at 60 like its suppose to. It looses about 10 PSI and kicks back on. I have the supply shut off to the entire house, so the only water is from the well to the bladder tank. Nothing else. When I drain the water from the bladder tank, its under a lot of pressure and then will surge some air and then just drip out whats left in the tank. Could this be a faulty bladder tank? The tank is about 7-8 years old.

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    It kinda seems that you have a faulty pump, leak in the line from the pump to the tank. Or a faulty check vale.

    Of course the check valve would be the best and easiest solution being that it should be right there at your tank / switch.

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