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Replacing a Outside Light

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Changing the mounting bracket can be a little tricky. To save time in the video, I didn’t include it. Most are not the same, and you probably won’t find that portion helpful here. The long screws you see are what holds the actual light to the wall. These screws will need to be adjusted in and out of the bracket. The nuts you will use have a cap on one end and can not pass. Be sure that the bracket to the wall is nice and secured with screws. I also left out the ground wire. This should be attached to this bracket as well. If you would like more information on anything to do with your lighting project, please just ask me in the forum.

Replacing an outside light is easy as can be

How To Replace an Outside Light
Watch this video on YouTube.
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  1. I want to thank you so much for this. I was able to change my porch light from watching your video! Of course, it took me a couple hours. It was the first time I did it and realized I installed it upside down! Haha.

    Your video saved me money, and my family was impressed!

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