Covering for under sink area


Due to water damage under the kitchen sink, I scraped off swollen and moldy wood. It seems like a thin vineer over OSB. I don’t plan to scrape off all of it as it is tough and if unnecessary. I plan to cover the whole floor with a water proof material, preferably in a single sheet and flexible enough to be manoeuvered around in this space. Can you think of such a material that can match wood color pattern if possible?



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Aamir Musa 2 years 1 Answer 402 views 0

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  1. After all the mold is removed.

    What I have done many times in the past when looking for a wood grain is to glue down a birch 1/4″ plywood. Stained to your color. And even use a brown caulk around the edges to help cover up the cut edges. It’s quick and cheap.

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