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I am in the process of making my 600 SF detached garage into a Wood-shop first and garage second.  I want to rewire the garage as it currently has fuses.  Detached garage built in 1971, house in 1951.  15 amp breaker off main panel to garage through conduit under ground (dirt).  I dont need any 220 outlets currently but may add something in the future, possible a better table saw or a nice heater.   I believe the fuses are 15 amp, some 20 amp.  I want to know if I should increase the Main panel amp and wiring to the garage? and maybe a check list on do’s and don’ts for the panel change; along with any thoughts on the project.  Through some of your other videos, thanks bytheway, I can handle the actual change in the garage I just want to cover all aspects prior..  The garage has a garage door opener, lights and my tools for the shop.  The tools in the shop all use 110 plugs and never run at the same time with the exception of the vac (dust collection) and say a table saw.  The only time I have ever tripped/blown the fuse is when there was a kick back in the table saw that drew more power, that makes sense but with better blades and skill that was a long time ago and has been good since.  Thanks.  Love the channel.

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  1. Oh good deal. a 100 amp is not a lot lot, but for you’re doing I would just install a small sub panel in the garage. But depending the length of the run from panel to panel you may want to upgrade the wire as well and of course the breaker feeding the sub panel.

  2. Panel in new in 2007, 100amp Cutler Hammer.  There are 4 slots not used.  2 across from each other, 2 on top of each other.

  3. What type of panel is in the main house. Either way I would change to a new panel and wire between the panels in the garage.

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