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Mr. Amorosso


I bought a 2012 Keystone Cougar 27 RLS travel trailer in a rush back in May 2015 on Memorial Day. I deployed to Afghanistan in July 2015 and now I am having buyer’s remorse because I bought a 30 AMP travel trailer and my stateside location is Barstow California. Needless to say Barstow requires a second AC and even though I was a dope for buying this travel trailer, in my opinion, the dealer could have educated me about 50 AMP versus 30 AMP. Anyway, it was my fault for not doing my homework. Now I am looking for a way out that will not be too expensive. The expensive route would be to lose approximately $14,000 on a loss in both a trade-in and the purchase of a new 50 AMP travel trailer or, go the less expensive route which would be to have my travel trailer rewired to 50 AMP however I heard this would really not be the less expensive route as not only a new distribution panel and shore cord would need to be installed, I would also need all the appliances rewired to 50 AMP. I heard another way to approach this is to install a separate 15 AMP distribution panel and shore cord exclusively for a second air conditioner that I want installed in my bedroom air vent or just buying a rooftop air conditioner and plugging in into a separate 15 AMP socket, provided there is one at an RV park I decide to settle in. Again these alternatives to rewiring the coach to 50 are based on the condition that I have separate plugin’s for 15 AMPs on top of the standard 30 AMP plug provided at the RV park. I have been doing so much research now (after the fact) that I am surprised that it seems I am the only person stuck with a 30 AMP travel trailer who is in this situation who wants to upgrade. Is this impossible to upgrade? Again, there is not much information out there regarding this conundrum and it is very frustrating. Am I the only person stuck with a 30 AMP travel trailer who needs a second AC?


Thank you for your time and support


Ken in Kandahar Afghanistan



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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported.


    Hi Kien how are you. With a RV or boat they are all very similar. Boating has been my hobby for years. Big boats lol. Anyway on a boat like mine I have two 30 amp wires leading to one panel but it’s split into two sections. My boat has two ac units each one runs from each 30 amp line. So in your case and it would really be the cure of all is just to run a separate line cord to that extra ac.

    Hope this was able to help you.

    Stay safe.