WHat to do with ground wire coming off LED?


Hello I saw your diagram for a light in between two 3-way’s. My LED has a bare ground coming off in addition to the black and white, so I wasd wondering, do I just connect that to the ground coming up in the 14 cable?

also should I use 14/2 or 14/3? thx


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Marc Roberson 3 years 3 Answers 495 views

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  1. Well first thing you need to know is not all switches can be used with LED’s. A picture if you have one would really help me out.

  2. And since the first rocker I have is actually a dimmer but has the same amount and color of screws as the other rocker, two brass, one black, one green, it shouldnt matter that its a dimmer right and can be used with this diagram? sorry for the confusion and much thanks

  3. Yes all grounds always get terminated together . As far as 14 or 12 wire if it’s a wire running from one three-way to the other and yes the 14 three would be used in a 12 wire that would be the gauge that something for a 20 amp circuit chances are since you are dealing with the wifey you will have 14 gage

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