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The box beam of my house has a rotten section. It can’t really be accessed from the outside because the problem area is directly at the place where the cement patio attaches to the house. I have had three estimates for repair and one discussion with a few friends. All solutions are different ranging from $600 to $10,000. They are –

1- cut away patio, replace box beam, fix flashing and seal area, replace cement patio with drain added so water does not drain onto box beam and sill plate

2- dig out rotten beam in pieces from interior crawl space, jack up house, slide in replacement beam from side of house (not patio side)

3- dig out rotten pieces, fill with wood bondo pieces (that’s the $600 one)

What is the right way to do it? Is there a ‘right way’ that doesn’t cost $10,000?

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Peggy Parten 3 years 5 Answers 470 views 0

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  1. Yeah sure thing. Jimmy will give you my number.

  2. Wow! That would be great. I will be leaving for vacation Tuesday afternoon. How about if I reach out to you when I get back.

    Many thanks.


  3. Hard to really tell from the picture. Jimmy was tell me who you are. I’ll be more than happy to come down and take a look at sometime for you if you like.

  4. See the photo below. It is so rotten it is missing in spots. You can see the flashing, or whatever it is, behind it. It’s not like that on the whole thing, only about 6 feet or so.

    Thanks for your help.



  5. Hi Peggy how are you. A picture is worth a thousand words. Can you please post one here. $10k, wow. And yes the right way is to remove and replace. Never ever patch anything like this. But hey lets see.


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