How To Fix Drywall Imperfections Already Painted



I just saw your Youtube video about how to nail holes and nail pops in drywall.  Thank you, I learned a lot.

Here is my current problem…

A friend painted my house 2 years ago.  In some spots, he repaired holes (from picture hangings, nail holes) with spackle.  But he did not sand these down very well.  So, now there are these uneven bumps (not big, about the size of a dime) on my walls.

How do I fix this problem?  Do I try to sand these bumps down, then put the spackle on myself?

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  1. Thank you very much

  2. Hi Lori. The problem here is that these patches were painted. When painted they are very hard to sand back down as the paint acts like some crazy armor. In most cases I find just re-spackling is much easier.

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