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Electrical Codes

Below is a list of PDF files of the NEC electrical code. I will be adding more of them as time goes on. If there is one you don’t see please send me an email what you’re looking for and I’ll get right on it.

Below PDF files will open a new window.

Bathroom Regulations

Electrical Alterations and Additions

SINGLE FAMILY DWELLINGS ADDITIONS                       Electrical Code

Outlet Spacing

Kitchen Requirements

Underground Service

Overhead Service

Bathroom Regulations


I’ve put a list of well know codebooks and a few how-to books that I use as well as other professionals. Click this link

Books that I recommend on learning electrical


Comments ( 7 )

  1. The same way as shown. As long as it’s attached.

  2. How do I go about wiring for a sub-panel in an attached garage?

  3. Thank to Dominick videos of wiring I was able to put in a 3way switch in my kitchen due to where the original switch was located. I also was able to save thousands of dollars by rewiring my house myself that my wife and I bought.

  4. You will have to trace them back.

  5. When installing a three way switch, your video shows two black wires. One is supposed to be “hot” and the other a traveler. How doI i tell one from the other?

  6. The green one is your ground.

  7. I have four wires for a dryer. white, green, black, and red. and the outlet only has three hookups. the old one kept blowing breaker cause it was wired wrong. I need to know which one is the ground.

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