I have a baileigh bending machine wired for 220 volts.


I have a baileigh bending machine that I bought. From the panel a cord is in place with no plug. The equipment must be wired for 220 volts. However at the end of the cord there are 4 wires, one is green for ground, the other 3 wires I traced back to panel and they are tied in to L1, L2, L3 isnt this 480 volts? if its not, do I use all 3 power wires on my plug and plug it into a 480 outlet?? im confused

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Oscar Navarro 11 months 1 Answer 249 views

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  1. You would use 2 of the legs and it would be 480 volts. Should work. I would definitely check if you even have a 3 phase service at that and a high leg possibly on B phase

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