What kind of wire to use for a 220V electric Conventional Wall Oven?


Hello Dominick,

I am contacting you because after watching some videos I am a little concern about the wires used to install my electric wall oven.

This is the link to the oven I am installing:

I saw a video on youtube where a similar oven was being installed, but the wires that were used were 8/3 romex which are thick. I want to mention that my oven is ready to be installed, but we have not connected the wires yet. My concern is that in the video I saw for a new electric oven similar to mine and also in one of your videos I noticed that for 220 volt appliances, you guys use 8/3 romex wires. The wires that were used for my oven are 12/3 romex, will that be a problem or a hazard?

You advise would be highly appreciated.

Thank you

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Jose L. Andrade 2 years 2 Answers 402 views 0

Answers ( 2 )

  1. Thank you for your answer and guidance Dominick!!

    The oven has the follow amps : Amps @ 240 Volts: 15.4 / 13.5

    I will definitely remove the 12/3 wires and install 8/3.

  2. You will need at least a #8 wire for a 40 amp oven. As well as the breaker, 220 volt of course. Do not use the 12 wire.

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