Laminate flooring over engineered flooring?


I currently have engineered flooring and I would like to install Trafficmaster laminate flooring on top of it. Can this be done? If so is there anything special that I would need to do?

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Tim May 8 months 3 Answers 188 views

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  1. Got ya, yeah that type of flooring is nailed down in place. So installing a floating floor on top of that is just fine. Make sure you use the pad for your new floor.

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  3. This is the type of engineered flooring that I was talking about. It is also glued down to my concrete subfloor.

  4. What are you calling “engineered Flooring”? Do you mean real 3/4″ wood? As far as engineered, I wouldn’t install another floating floor on top of a floating floor. Seems kinda silly. But if you really have to, I guess you can.

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