Built In Wall Not Level – How To Fix & Cost


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About 10 years ago I had my dad put a wall through my L shaped bedroom joining onto an existing door wall to make a big rectangle room and a small room but it was a botched job and it isn’t straight/level so I can’t get a skirting board dead straight along the bottom without curving it around the kink.

I’m redecorating the room so that the bed faces this wall so would be able to notice it a lot. How much would it cost to plaster it level? Or what would be the best solution?

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    How much I can’t answer that without seeing it in person. I mean is it just a bad sheetrock job. Or could it be the framing itself?

    If it’s just in the sheetrock and without seeing it I will always say easier to remove and replace the sheetrock and start over.
    Post a picture here

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