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I’m trying to put up a shelf (board and shelf brackets, not a floating shelf) in an interior drywall, using molly plugs.
I’ve taken out an electrical socket in the wall to measure the thickness of the wall, which is 1/2”.
I’ve also measured the holes in the shelf brackets, which are 5mm. The shelf did not come with fixings, so I’m assuming I need to buy some 5mm screws.
My question is, how do I know which molly plugs to buy? I’ll need ones to fit a 1/2” drywall, but also that will allow 5mm screws to be screwed into them (since 5mm screws are what fit the shelf brackets). Having had a search online, on product pages / pictures I can find details as to the wall thickness(es) that the molly plugs are suitable for, but not which size screws would fit into them. Any help?
Many thanks :)

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    Mollys are good for somethings, but not really shelves. For the best results you should really screw right into the wall the studs. Sheetrock is only so strong.

    Can you send me a picture of what you have?
    Keep in mind the most studs are 16″ on center apart. So that would mean each bracket would be 16″ apart or a pan of 32″ and more.

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