Please help on adding timer switch to complex 3-way circuit


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You seem to be very helpful so I figure this was worth a shot.  I am trying to replace an existing 3-way switch with a day/night timer switch and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.  I first tried a 3-way compatible Honeywell switch and could get it to power on but could not get it to control the light.  I got frustrated so I successfully installed this on a different single pole switch and moved on.

Now I am trying a Leviton vizia+ along with a Matching Switch Remote to replace the two 3-pole switches but have been unsuccessful.  I can get the switch to power up but it still will not control the light.  I drew up what I could see in the boxes for the attached wiring diagram, and have been trying to reconcile it with the install instructions.  Simply swapping the new switches with what is in place does not work in any combination.  I can see that the black hot wire is daisy-chained from another single-pole switch for a different fixture – I figure this is my problem.  I know there are multiple ways to do a 3-way, and can’t figure out the right way to handle this.  Please help, the electrician who did this claims all is per code and adamantly refuses to provide any information to help whatsoever.  Any leads you can provide would be appreciated.


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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Hi Stan. Even with pictures it’s nearly impossible for me to know which wire is what. Try matching one side to the other. Any new switch you use will have to be a 3 way type.

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