Replacing an Ungrounded subpanel in an outbuilding


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Love your stuff!!   I had a question about a project I’m helping my brother with.

The house is about 100 feet away from an outbuilding with an old (1960s vintage) subpanel.   The house electric has been upgraded and is grounded however the wiring to the subpanel is only 3 wire (Hot, Hot, Neutral).

I am desiring to replace the subpanel with a modern one.  Is there an acceptable method of grounding the subpanel without having to trench and run a ground wire back to the house?  Would it be possible to sink a grounding rod outside the outbuilding?

I know its important to isolate the neutral and ground.

Other information, its a 60Amp Subpanel that is going to be servicing two 20 amp circuits and a 15 amp circuit.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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    By code you would need to install a separate grounding rod.