Replacing shower plumbing behind wall


The bathtub faucet has separate hot and cold handles. The hot water will not completely shut off but keeps on drizzling. I tried replacing the rubber rings and pulling out the old stem and putting a completely new one in, being careful to match up the old one with the new one. Still drizzling. Now I am looking at taking out the plumbing apparatus from behind the wall. I can get to it easy enough through a back closet. I assume all I need to do is to pull the stems, un-sweat the copper, pull and replace the apparatus, and replace stems. Am I missing anything?

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  1. Yeah, I don’t have a video on this just yet. All you need to do is replace the seats and seals inside the valves. Very easy to do. You would remove the handle. And then unscrew the whole valve. However, they don’t always come out easy.

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