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I am looking to install a residential dryer outlet (220V/30Amps) in my RV. The power pole at the RV park I am connecting to has a typical RV 220V/50Amp connection (I am unable to change out the 50Amp breaker for a 30Amp breaker as this is not my property). My plan is to run a 50Amp RV extension chord (25ft) to a 50Amp outlet on my RV (separate from the main power for my RV which is 120V/30Amps). The 50Amp outlet on my RV would then be hardwired to a subpanel. The subpanel would then contain the 30Amp double pole breaker wired to my residential dryer outlet. My questions are: Should I treat this as a subpanel and remove the bonding screw? Also, am I going to need to install a separate grounding rod (as this is a “separate building”)?

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Andy Bloom 4 years 1 Answer 640 views 0

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  1. I would have to say yes to removing the bonding screw and no to the grounding rod. I real familiar with RV but boats I am.

    But do make sure the sub-panel is grounded to the RV

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