Stand alone oven replace. Stovetop separate (later). Old stove was hard wired with home power wires.


Thanks for reviewing. I have a new oven unit, just an oven,no stove top range. The stove top range is separate on the kitchen counter. My question is:

The old stove – the home power supply was wired directly into the stove (Magic Chef) via clips into a circuit board on the stove. I removed the home supply power wires – black, red, beige almost yellow (not white), and a bare hard copper line, which was grounded to the unit. I assume the beige is neutral.
The new oven comes with the black, red, green 3 wire all insulated together, not attached to the oven yet. Just bare wire clipped at each end..
The question:
Do I need to install a outlet now, or is there some reason I cannot just wire the home power supply to the oven power chord with wire connectors? Black to black, red to red, beige to green. And the other end of the oven power chord into the back of the oven?
Thank you so much for reviewing.

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  1. Yeah, that picture is really hard for me to see what’s what.

  2. Hi Dominick, I sent a separate question this morning but not sure if it was received. I got the Romex too per your rec.

    Essentially I am trying to gain 2 answers to final questions:
    1. The oven wiring box in the back of the oven. It appears that the only way to connect the 3 wires is to attach them to the screw posts bare wire around the screws. I had purchased some ring terminals to put on each wire but when I tried to see if the ring terminals would fit, they do not. The ring terminal stems cannot fit in the slot for each screw. I can’t seem to find any other alternative either, such as a fork style terminal, etc. So the only thing I know to do is wrap the bare wire around each screw and tighten them.
    Is that safe?

    2. Can you take a look at the attached picture of the back of the oven, the ‘junction’ box attached to the oven, and keep me straight on which wire goes where? Green, black, red on either the Romex or the oven manufacturer provided power supply chord. I have detailed all the sections of the junction box via paint software.

    Thank you so much again.

  3. I would install a Romex wire to the box to the over. That should be easy enough.

  4. Thank you very much. Yes, the beige color puzzled me, because all I had ever read was about white. I’ve looked many times to be sure, it’s just not white. It’s a beige/almost light yellow. I’m in Tulsa (now, Jersey boy originally), but I doubt it has to do with what region of the country? The wiring is from about 1977. Anyway, yes thanks for letting me know a hardwire is doable. I mean, I still have to come up with a way to secure the home power supply connection, which was in a piece of conduit threaded through the old oven’s frame. Now it’s just a conduit pipe hanging down with the wires. I think I could secure a new junction box inside the wall where the oven will go?

  5. Beige? Hmm. Green is going to be ground. And yeah sure you can hard wire it. I would also assume the beige wire would be a neutral as well. But I would test between the beige and each hot first. You’ll be looking for 117-120 volts on each.

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