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I have seen your videos on how to install a ceramic tile floor.  I will start by saying thanks for making them, they were very informative about the process.

My question is about surface preparation.  I have seen other videos or articles that claim laying new plywood or using cement board is a must, even some claiming both are needed to keep movement to a minimum.  I noticed in your video that you just make sure the existing sub floor was secured well and tiled directly on top.

In what instances, if any, are the extra layer of plywood and/or cement board needed?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    You need at least 1 1/4″ subfloor. Which ever way you can achieve that. Either by installing more plywood or cement board. However if you were tiling a bathroom or wet area I would use a cement board.

    There are many so called tile guys out there that say only use tile board. That just makes me laugh. Use what you need / can afford besides in a wet area.  

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