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Both times I tried to send you a message and had errors or I pushed send by mistake.. Here is my situation again.  I want to install a USB charger that has outlets on it. On theis unit there are 3 screws. Theres a gold screw, a silver screw and a green screw.

I know that if i was installing this with its own dedicated wire, I would simply connect the hot to the gold, neutral to the silver and ground to the green.



Problem 1

I need to feed power to the adjacent switch on one wall. How do I connect to the switch that has 3 screws?


Problem 2 (Totally different area)

On the other wall I am simply replacing the existing power outlets with a usb charger like the first one. But the outlet that is there has 4 screws and a ground. The two left screws each have a black wire connected. And the 2 screws on the left have a white wire connected to each of  them.

There are only 3 screws on the usb charger




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  1. I totally understand. I have done all my wiring and this one freaks me out. I will hire an electrician… Thanks man! Looking forward to more vids!

  2.  As far as your red wires, WOW I’ve seen anything like before and I’m not even going to bother trying to comment on this, for your safety.

  3. there are no other connections on the USB charger. Nothing on the back or left side. The ground screw is on the underside.

  4. What’s happening here you’re thinking about how many screws and not what they are. Can’t do that. All outlets and switches are going to have a ground screw. I mean unless they are VERY OLD.

    On a switch, one is for power in and the other for power out. Simple.

    Outlets will have two on each side. 2 for power and the other side is for neutral


    The USB outlet you gave does not show the back or connections. Three screws just sounds strange. How about a picture of that. Did you get instructions with it?

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