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Hi Dominick, I watched your video on how to wire a three way switch which was very helpful.  I recently built a wood working shop and am using 12-2 to power 20 amp outlets which is easy enough. However, my lighting situation is a little different since I am installing 2 outlet boxes on the ceiling joists so I can plug in 4 basic florescent shop lights that havetwo 40W bulbs each.  Looking at your very helpful diagram it seems I would substitute the light with the outlet and then just carry the line on to the second outlet.  Is this correct?  The lay out would be as follows.

14-2 power into 3 way switch A, then 14-3 traveler wire to 3 way switch B, Then 14-2 power wire from switch B to the two 15 AMP outlets.  Correct?

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Jim Golden 4 years 1 Answer 654 views

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