Which is Best for a Spring Hinged Shelf Fixed to Brick Wall


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I’m fixing two spring hinged folding shelf support brackets to an interior brick wall to hold a 70″ x 15″ shelf, which will not carry a lot of weight. I will probably fit the supports about 15 inches in from either end (unless you think otherwise) and put on a shelf that is 1/2 inch thick. Which is best to use? Contiboard, plywood, MDF or chipboard? I’m concerned that the shelf will start to sag in the middle. My preference was contiboard as it is easy to clean and the price is comparitive with MDF and chipboard. Plywood seems a lot more expensive. I had considered buying a cheap flush door and cutting it down the middle, but I guess it will then be hollow at the cut edge (?) Thank you for any responses.

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    Going 70″ long I would use one in the middle as well. MTF is a good solid choice but it’s still compressed cardboard. I would look into something more solid and perhaps lighter. A 3/4″ AC plywood would be my choice. And as long as this is inside as well.

    Yeah don’t do the door thing.

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