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First off all I’d like to say I enjoy your videos. Very helpful and at times funny. Very humorous personality!  If I’m running new wire from my main panel to each room(living room, bedroom, kitchen,laundry etc) would you start at the receptacle and bounce off 4more receptacles then to the switch then the light last or would you begin at the light. How and where would you start and why?

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    Thank you so much. I usually go room to room. Now all this is going to depend on the size of the house and panel. Why? because if I’m limited I want to make sure I add as many on each circuit as I can keeping to about 8 outlets / lights per.

    Having a plan before you start is always a smart thing. So starting from the panel is good because you’ll know how many breakers you have to work with. However always always start with 220 circuits first being that they take two breaker slots.

    Another good way to start is to install all the breakers you’ll going to need first. That way you’ll have a better idea just how many circuits left as you go.

    But drawing a sketch out first would really help before you get started.

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