Hi. I removed a dimmer switch in my bathroom. It was connected to the gfci outlet. I can’t remember how it was wired up. I wanted to replace the dimmer with a regular switch. I don’t know why the gfci had a white loop wire to the dimmer switch. Anyways, the gfci has power but one of the breakers tripped and my basement has no lights now. None of this makes sense to me. Why would the gfci have power if this breaker won’t reset

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Dave 4 years 2 Answers 497 views

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  1. Since the breaker for the basement won’t reset I’m thinking maybe the two outlets my buddy changed in the basement bathroom is the problem. I will check them tomorrow since it’s getting late. If that’s not the problem I will send you a pic of how the gfci is wired now

  2. Simple, a light switch is wired with power in one end and power to the other end. If you post a picture here I think I can help you wire this back up.

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