Wiring a 3 wire stove top to a 4 wire input


I purchased a Bosch stove top to replace an old stove top. The old top had a 4 wire connector and now the new one only has a 3 wire (Black, Red & bare wire). The Bosch installation says to hook up (L1) black to black, (L2) red to red and green or bare to ground. Since my incoming power cable has red, black, white and a green ground wire, do I hook the stove top bare wire to the white or combine the white and green together with the bare stove top wire?

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William Courtney 4 years 2 Answers 10697 views 0

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  1. Thanks, I would have included the neutral white wire into the equation so now I will cap it of and just hook up the reds, blacks and grounds. Excellent response, I appreciate it.

  2. The white wire is the neutral wire. Most of the time they are wired in your case because you have a red to the same bus bar so really are the same. But just in case. Cap off the white and use the bare as the ground.

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