Wiring a new wall oven that has 3 wires to the homes 4 wire


We are planning to put in a new Haier 24” True Convection Single Electric Wall Oven (Right hand) model HCW225RAES for my mom, and noticed that the new oven only has 3 wires. Her home has 4 wires coming from the wall. (Black, Red, White and Ground). I called Haier and was told that we needed to hire an electrician to put this oven in, as the oven doesn’t come with a ground. I thought that this was crazy. Am I? Any suggestions would be helpful, as we haven’t been able to find much information on the world wide web! Thanks!

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  1. Most of the time and in your case the ground is the metal frame of the oven. See the picture on this page


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