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my daughter owns a duplex built in 1998.  Today I found that the furnace has some real problems.

A repairman is suggesting replacing components for around $800.  I am being told that I would be wise to replace the furnace at this stage, but it is a 92% efficiency model and the vent is PVC, if I go to a less expensive unit, say 80% efficiency but I would have to replace the vents with galvanize material.

I am considering total replacement of the high-efficiency unit at a cost of $2400.  I am getting static from my wiser better half and am now very confused   dale w.

I am my daughter’s guardian and conservator

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    Well how old is the unit? $800 bucks seems like a lot. What is he saying it needs. And no, if you were the replace the unit you would want to replace it with the same.

    I part that I’m always replacing on these units, no matter how old the unit is, is a pressure switch. See the below link.


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