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Category : Outdoor

Anything to do with the outside of your house with how to videos

How to Frame a Wall 16″ on center

How to Frame a Wall In this video, I show you a very basic way to at least get you started and understanding on how to frame a wall. Now either with 2x4's or 2x6's it's all done the same way. You'll ...

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Cracked Foundation

A Cracked Foundation No, all cracks are something of concern. However, many are. So how do we know if they are or not? The answer is not always 100% and even easy for that matter. But let's talk about what a ...

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How to install a window

This is for a complete new window install. Not a replacement window which is very different. A new window should not fit real tight in the opening. You should have at 3/4" of an inch cap on all sides. This ...

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Cleaning a oil stained concrete floor

[caption id="attachment_534" align="alignleft" width="259"] Oil stained concrete[/caption] Now who would've thought that using kitty litter would work so well? Did you know that cheapest kitty litter you can find is the ...

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Mixing the concrete

Mixing Concrete It was on a very hot summer day, I was pouring a concrete floor. When pouring a big floor, you have to really get into your work, I mean you walk ...

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what is Concrete The first thing to know is, what is concrete? Here's the difference. Concrete has stones in it and is used for thick jobs like sidewalks and foundations and it adds more strength. Mortar is concrete, but without the ...

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Deck flashing

Way important. Do it right the first time and you save some big bucks in only a few years or less. In the picture you see here is just a tin flashing. With the new codes we have to use ...

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