220 – Kiln for pottery has 6 foot cord – want to extend to 30’…


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Hello and thank you ahead-
I have recently moved into a brand new place and it was built and hard wired for a 220 for the dryer in the basement.
I know nothing of electrical.
We previously had our Kiln set up so it was in an exterior building and had an extension that ran from the box to the kiln cord.
My question is:

1. Can I use a dryer outlet and extension cord to run my kiln?
FYI-Plugs look slightly different? (Photo is Wall outlet, kiln plug has three straight prongs and 1 rounded)

2. Curious if this is an easy fix, if I cannot. In other words, can the plug be changed on the kiln, or can a converter extension be purchased?

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    Don’t use an extension. Yeah sure just change the plug on your cord, better yet, just change the outlet out to what you need. Just watch some of my videos on this and you should be fine.

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