220 supply to garage problem


I am having power issue with my garage.

I have a 220 volt lined to panel in garage from the house.  One lead registers 120 volts and the other will read about 75 volts.  This is an older home and the 220 line to the garage is a 3 wire without a ground.


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  1. Ok so now at the main panel check between both hots. There you should have 220.. If not could be a bad breaker. If you do check voltage between the two hots and then hot to neutral at the sub.

    Point blank, you should have the same from one panel to the next otherwise check the wire itself.

  2. I get reading of 120 at both leads in the main breaker.

    In garage panel I get reading of 120 on one and about 75 on second.

  3. Measure from neutral to hot at the main panel..

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