Added new pot lights that work fine on older toggle style switch, new style flat switch causes breaker to trip. ?


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I added 2 new pot lights to an existing circuit. Everything works fine using the old style switch but when I wanted to update to the new style switch, it trips the breaker when you push on.
I then put the old switch back on, turned on all lights on the circuit and everything works (circuit is not overloaded). I’m wondering if the new switch is faulty, but I tried 2 of the new style switches and they both trip the circuit, the older ones seem to work fine.

I have wired lots of lights before and had no problems and I have basic knowledge of how to wire properly, wire gauge, connections, etc. I am a carpenter by trade.

Previously when I added new lights, I went off the existing light. But this time, it was easier for me to wire from the switch using pigtail. Is this also correct?

I have attached an image of how I wired the new pot lights to the existing circuit.
I have not shown ground wires for simplicity.
Thank you.

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    Seems like you have everything right. Are you grounding the new switch? Try a different one for sure. But either way, a switch is only a means of disconnect.

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    Hi Dominick.
    Yes everything is grounded.
    Everything works fine on the current old switch.
    I’ll try buying another new switch and see if it works.

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