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I’m looking to build a batting cage in my backyard to practice baseball and cricket with a pitching machine. All the pre-built frames I’ve looked at require putting in permanent poles in concrete. I don’t want to do that. I want to be able to use the cage and dismantle it when it’s time to mow the lawn or host a party. So I was looking to build one that I can put on Casters. Something similar to the one here.


Concertina Cricket Cage

Concertina Cricket Cage

What would I need to build this at home? This costs about $3000. My budget is about $500 – $700 at the max. Is this possible? The Height is 10 feet, width about 10-12 feet and length of 20-25 feet.

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  1. Very nice setup. You could build something out of wood however, the instructions I would have to give here online would be very intense. Some kind of frame, either from wood, PVC¬†piping, copper piping maybe, but that would be big bucks I’m sure. And using that fabric as a fence of course.

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