Bleed new/old system before start-up


Hey Dom this what I have…….Removed and Replaced a weil-mclain CGA 70/50 system did a pressure test now looking to fill the system…the only spicket is the factory drain valve on the single zone system 3 cast iron baseboard’s on the first floor with screwdriver type bleeders and four old fashion stand-up with the sq. bleeders on second floor… My game plan is to open the water and bleed the first floor one at a time then do the same to the second if this is proper at some point do I have to open the drain valve to get water in to the boiler it-self and should the automatic air vent be open or close during the process… ???

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  1. Where is that drain valve is the question? Fill the system and you can try to use the bleeders but that’s going to take forever. Bleed the second floor first. The automatic bleeder should always be open.

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