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Hello Dominic,

I’m installing an Onyx shower for my mother, who has gotten older and no longer wants to step over the tub in her tub/shower. Also, she has decided she wants a seat installed in the shower, and Onyx happens to make one. So, I obviously have to install some blocking between the studs to support the seat. I’m fairly proficient at DIY, but I’ve never installed blocking before. So, I was thinking I need to install a 2×10 between the 2×4 studs, how do I install the fasteners? I thought about toe nailing them on both sides. Then I thought about end nailing one side, and then toe nailing the other. My instinct is to make the blocking in adjacent stud cavities parallel, although I suppose I don’t have to, and that would mean I could end nail the top or the bottom on each stud. Then I thought about pocket screws with with some of those fancy, stainless serrated screws. Then I thought maybe I could get some L brakets kind of like the ones they use to hang floor joists. Probably any of those techniques would work okay, but what technique would hold the strongest? How many fasteners are prudent to use with 2×10 blocking installed for that purpose?



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    Honestly, the best and only way I do this is to install whatever size you need, 2×6″ or 2×10″ in between the studs and nail or screw them in from the adjoining studs.

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