Breaker Tripping, replaced old style power receptacle with newer one.


Just updating the old style switches and receptacles to newer style ones.

Everything is working fine except on this one circuit that has a double pole breaker (two 15 amp breakers)
The receptacle I am trying to change has 4 wires: 1 ground, 1 white, 1 black, and 1 red.
On the existing receptacle the ground is on the ground screw, white on the neutral or silver colour screw, red and black wire are on the hot or brass colour screw.

But when I change the receptacle to the newer one in the exact same way as the old one was wired, the breaker trips/doesn’t turn on.

I have no problems on the single pole circuits.
Just trying to figure out what the issue is here.
Any information will be helpful

Thank you.

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Answers ( 3 )

  1. Problem solved.
    Broke the connecting tab off on the hot screw side to seperate the circuit.

  2. There is a metal piece on the side of the outlet (both sides) that you’ll need to cut out. Because you have two very different hots. So the top and bottom of the outlet would be on two different circuits. Not sure why you would need that if you don’t know by now.

    You could just cap off either one of the hot and not use it. But I would really need to know more. I’m leaving right now. I’ll send you a picture later today that will help.

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