Can I fix this ceiling fan problem?


I’m a retired U.S.real estate owner who used to install ceiling fans in my apartments(about 50).
I got good enough to install them blindfolded and never had this problem. I live in Asia now and didn’t want to screw up the installation(220-volt, different wires, etc.) so I had our condo(I own my apartment) maintenance guy do the installation. The fans here are either Chinese or American(Hampton Bay,etc.) After the installation, I clicked on all three speeds. The high speed blades produced a silent sound of air swishing, but the mid-speed and low-speed fans prodeuced a sound akin to rubbing. My first reaction was the blades must be unbalanced, but never having had this problem, is that the cause? Or should I check other sources?

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  1. Two very different things here. One is the power to the fan and one is from once the power is at the fan.

  2. If it isn’t, why do the speeds match the chain pulls: high, medium and low? They all seem to reflect their programmed speed.

  3. Sounds like this fan isn’t designed for the use of your 220 volts. Check the hertz requirements.

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