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I have a 100 year old house plaster lath on interior walls and ceilings outside walls is tile brick my question is I want to build a ceiling below the existing ceiling the attic is insulated with the old old shredded newspaper I really don’t want to tear the ceilings out and have to have that kind of mess so I’d like to build another ceiling below it not sure what kind of problems I may run into with the moisture buildup between the two ceilings I’m planning on just reinsulating the attic not insulating between the two ceilings so I’m not sure if there’s going to be a problem with with the moisture buildup between these two things or if I should be okay I’d appreciate any kind of help thank you my current ceilings are 10 ft High

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Tim 2 years 1 Answer 356 views 0

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  1. Hey Tim. No, you’re fine with what and how you want to do that. You could drill a few holes in the existing ceiling to let any moisture out if you like.

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