I am adding a subpanel in my basement. I need to run the service line across a finished ceiling to a utility room where the subpanel be located. I have 1 – 1 – 1 – 3 aluminum wire for the service line.

My question is, Does this wire have to be run through conduit or can it lay acrossed the drywalled ceiling over the 20 foot run?

Also, is there anything that says that the running it in conduit is prohibited? In case I choose to do it to be certain.


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Tony 4 years 3 Answers 527 views 0

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  1. I may go a little larger in conduit. Just make sure the wires have room to move.

  2. Thanks for your answer Dominic. I am adding a 100 amp subpanel. Using aluminum, so #1 is what is needed for this application from what I can tell from the charts.

    If I chose to run it through 1 1/2 conduit, would that be a violation since it is the bundled 4 wires?



  3. Hey, Tony. Well first off what size sub-panel are you installing that you’re using that size wire for.

    The wire itself just can’t lay on top of the drywall. Either is would have to be run through the floor joist or in conduit.

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