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Cable Services Really Stinks

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Is it your cable company?

Nowadays the cable services coming into our houses is now digital opposed to the older analog.

So chances are that all the old splitters are analog and not for the higher frequencies. To better understand a splitter it’s not just the matter of a few wires inside to make connections from one to the other. There are filters inside that have frequency limits and are designed for digital services. Sure you an analog one may work but not well and not for long.

Like in my case I decided to split my service to add another line and it worked fine for months. Then all of a sudden I started losing internet service. Then all of a sudden it would come back. Very strange. So of course, it has to be the cable companies problem and not mine. Since my house is new with all new wiring. Well to my surprise the tech comes over and explains to me why I’m having these issues. Well, a quick change of the splitter, and everything has been fine. Even better than what it was before.

Before you consider splitting your cable service and doing what I did by calling the cable company up, think about what they’re going to charge you. I don’t remember how much my service charge was but I can tell you it wasn’t cheap.

When buying a splitter make sure that it’s rated for digital cable service. And each time you split the service it becomes weaker and weaker. And if the cable company knows that you have multiple locations in your home they will increase the single to your home. Or a better choice of words, “allow you to have more” of course for an extra cost. I mean what’s cheap about having cable TV and broadband internet. Nothing as far I’m concerned.

A digital splitter will have a label stating 1 GHz A analog will be way lower. Even if it says 900MHZ it’s no good for digital service. You also what to consider installing a digital single booster if the run is very long.

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