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I been had hard lately by contractors from reno to my house to landscaping around it. I think I followed the steps given in your HOW TO HIRE a CONTRACTOR however, still got skunked. ~~ Why are many of the contractors do such and make a bad name for the industry? ¬†One thing for sure DO NOT rely on BBB or, HOMESTEADT as reference or help should there be a complain not able to being solved between you and contractor. BBB, and Homestead are membership paid , and so the interest foremost is to its paying member, the contractor. These membership websites also push and remove any negative comments by a customer and show the perfect 10 most times to readers. ~~ I been taken so much in my past three years doing upgradings to my older home am going to see if i can learn doing most myself. ~~ It is shameful what’s going out there. I wish good contractors would gather and other from having their references make sure all them crooks have little chance to survive out there due to stricter regulations in the field. ~~ I came about Dominick’s you tube, website trying to learn the HOW 2 MYSELF on stairs lAMINATION AND NOSING. Now am learning but rather would not have to do such renovation work. ~~ Anyone in the Calgary, AB area and either know of recommendation or self are contractors please contact me. ~~ A big time THANK YOU to Dominick for his teachings.