Creating a shower floor


I am so glad I came across your site. As you know there are thousands of people on You Tube that are there not because they know what they are talking about but instead because they love to see themselves acting like they know what they are talking about. You are the real deal.

I watched your video on how to install a shower pan prior to tiling. I have done projects all over my house for 30 plus years and I am never nervous to take on anything, except for this. I have had tile guys tell me how important it is to do it perfectly or the water will either leak or not flow out the drain correctly. I have tiled bathroom floors and shower walls but never had to create a flooring. I was even considering dropping in a form plastic bottom, which is so much easier and cheaper but to take the time to tile the walls and have a plastic floor seems a little odd.


I guess my first question is this. You mentioned adding certain things to the floor during the process but you never mentioned the name brands that you used. It is crucial that the correct quality is being used as you know, and there are knockoffs of everything. Are name brands something that you can share?

The other question is when that video ended, there was still more work to be done as well as tiling the shower, which you talked about, but the videos never showed up next in the cue and I can’t find them anywhere.  Do you have the links for these?


Thanks for everything.



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  1. Oh man, you made my day. That you so much for that.

  2. Dominick,  thanks for getting back to me. Shooting video is my profession and I have doing it for over 30 years. You guys do a nice job.  There is nothing worse that watching a how to video and having everything shot wide and the viewer never gets to see what is happening on a tight shot.  I think the only thing worse than that is not being able to hear the person because it was recorded on a cell phone. Like I said, I am a professional videographer and lighting, sound and great shots count for everything.   I will be checking back to your site for new ideas for sure.  Thanks for doing what you are doing my friend.



  3. Thank you so so much.

    Yeah, when it comes to things like concrete and mortar there are different brands depending on where you live. But it doesn’t make a difference. As long as it what it is.

    Yes, I did make the how to tile the walls but the video ended up getting damaged somehow. However, we’re in the middle of making a new one for a bathtub/shower walls.

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