Drywall Taping screwup



I messed up my tape. I got my steps mixed up and now I have too much joint compound under my tape. When I applied the tape, instead of running the knife across the tape at a 45 degree angle, I did a tapered run on each side of the tape. This should have been a later step. Now each joint is pretty mounded. How should I fix this? Its a small room, so redoing the work isn’t out of the question.

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Erik Meisel 4 years 1 Answer 556 views 0

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  1. I don’t think that’s a big deal at all. You’ll just need to build up the outer edges without adding more to the tape until it’s somewhat at the same level. I mean it really depends on how bad but I think you’ll be just fine.

    Use a wider knife when doing the sides.

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