Hey I have a 40 sip breaker that was used for a dryer,it’s a 4 wire red,black,white,ground I’m wanting to use that same outlet to put a220v outlet for an aircontitioner is that OK to do and how would I do that as the outlet I purchased only has the 2 screws and ground screw..thanks

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  1. so I can just unhook the 40 app breaker that’s in there put wire nuts on the wire I unhook pop that 40 out put a 20 in and run the new wire to the breaker and to the new outlet..thanks

  2. Regardless of your outlet, how many amps is your AC. Point being if you put say a 20 amp AC on a 40 amp line and if the AC has an issue it will burn up before the break trips. So replace the breaker for whatever amp your AC needs.

    As far as the new outlet and if it’s a 20 amp outlet you would just use the two hots and the ground. Just cap off the neutral.

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