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I am getting ready to install hardwood floors.  We just installed a new front door but we are still getting some water coming in when it rains.  I think the problem is that the threshold is flat to the outside area.  Our house is built on a concrete slab and the area that comes up to the front door is a concrete courtyard and walk way.  I am thinking I will need to install tile at the front door inside to prevent water damage to my new floors.  My question is could I get away with just a 4 inch strip of tile just at the door or should I lay a area of tile about the size of a through rug.  What would you recommend and what size??  Help!  Thank you

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Stacy Turner 3 years 1 Answer 525 views 0

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  1. First off you’ll need to figure why you’re getting water in. That’s a must. As far doing a small strip! well that would look like shit. A tiled area should be at least as wide as the door /frame and at least 30″ out from the door. Pictures?

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