I have a 1960’s Leviton switch that is a two pole and it has a off-on switch that is separate from the dimmer. It was sold as one unit from Leviton because it’s all melted together– but we can’t figure out what to replace it with.  I have a number of pictures when the electrician took it out of the box but he can’t figure it out either. It operates multiple fluorescent bulbs that light up a dropped ceiling with dimmer ballast. If I had a way to send you the pictures,  do you think you might be able to recommend which switch to purchase? Or how to connect?

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Andrea 3 years 2 Answers 514 views

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  1. I would have to say since it’s independent on/off and dimmer it’s wired to something very old and different at the lights/ballast.

    Just to make things better all around. I would replace that single gang box and replace it with a two gang box with two switches. Very easy and much nicer.

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