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i  installed a elec. water heater in my house it was gas before i have hot water in all the house for about 2 minutes and then goes to luke warm turn off and on again its hot for 2 minutes and luke warm again.   i put my hand on cold side of plumbing and it is very warm, i turn on cold side and have water that is way to warm for  about 2 minutes and then it goes cold i went to plumbing store and they have giving me every reason for this  and told me what i have done wrong but nothing has worked yet  i have replace many water heaters in my life and no stranger to all types of plumbing but never ran into this before im 65 years old and sure can use your suggestions, would like to get it working before it gets any colder here

thank you


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  1. Did you just install it? if so the hot and cold could be backwards.

    The temp settings may need to be turned up.

    Is there 220 volts going to it?

    It would be better for me to know how long has this heater been hooked up?

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