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How to Install a Paper Corner Bead

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You have two choices when it comes to corner beads. One is the trusted metal corner bead. And the paper corner bead. I will say when they first came out I wasn’t a fan of them at all. But over some time now they have gotten a lot better.

Where to use

This is a simple one, use them anywhere but uprights going in or coming out of a room. Don’t use them where you will bang them while moving furniture. Once they start to go that’s it. They are coming off. Where a metal corner bead will pretty much just dent. 

Easy to install

Place some compound on, cut to size, and place it on. Superfast, super easy. Great for window trim and soffits. Coat just like any other bead and away you go.

Where to buy

Anywhere really. Anyone the sells sheetrock will have paper corner beads.

How to Install a Outside Paper Corner Bead
Watch this video on YouTube.
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