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How To Tape Sheetrock By Color Day 2

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Now that we are done with the tape it’s time to apply the second coat of joint compound. It’s really easy. Sure it’s time to get really good at it, but just follow my simple instructions and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Applying the second coat of joint compound

Scrape down the leftover knife edges and little spots of the joint compound like in the video. You’ll be using a 6″ knife this time around. Apply the joint compound from one end to the next making sure you get a good amount on. Now with your knife start making it look good. Only doing one side of the corners.

Why not do both sides?

Why because you’re simply not a pro yet. It’s so much easier doing just one side at a time. so now when you go back the next day you won’t have to worry about digging into the opposite side making it so much easier. So that’s why. I mean unless you feel up to it. Sure this way will take longer but it will sure look better.

Tape By Color Day 2
Watch this video on YouTube.
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Comments ( 10 )

  1. Thanks for the videos on drywall they have been very helpful. I am getting ready to start finishing some drywall tomorrow. Does day 3 have anything new and if so when will you be adding it?

  2. Hi You have a really good video and the way you present it the stuff is cool and understandable.
    Will day 3 be coming out soon? I am taping my basement on tuesday.

    Thank you,

  3. Hi Dominick,

    When showing how to apply the second coat of mud with your pink compound, you say that the pressure should be applied on the outside of the knife — the furthest side away from the drywall to get a nice feathered edge.

    However, when using the straight-edge perfect 90 for the inside corner, you said to apply the pressure on the left side of the knife — the closest side to the corner.

    To get the best feathered edge and to limit the sanding, which one is correct — to apply the pressure closest to the middle of the tape or farthest away from the middle?



    • The Perfect 90 is a lot stiffer. Once the corner is in place you would feather away from the insides. So in other words always apply more pressure to where the knifes edge is on sheetrock and not joint compound.

  4. Did you ever get a day 3 re-shot?

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