Is there a power washer tip that one could use on a 3000psi home unit that can apply the SH/H20/Dawn mix safely using a wand extension for a 30ft Colonial House?


I have a 3000psi power washer with a 30ft wand extension that I would like to apply the SH/H20/Dawn liquid mixture to my colonial house roof.

Is the a tip that would be save to use (Soap tip) and a mixture configuration of SH/H20/Dawn liquid that the pump/spray tip could safely and effectively apply to the roof?

If not, is the a chemical for a power-washer with a proper tip that you would recommend that is as effective as your SH/H20/Dawn mix?

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Mark Ambrozic 1 year 1 Answer 212 views 0

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  1. The simple answer is NO. The SH will eat up and destroy your pressure washer, besides it will dilute the mix.

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